Welcome to Birth and Beyond, where Kahla and Paige are dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey into parenthood. They understand the miracle of birth is a transformative experience, and they are here to provide the care and guidance you deserve.

At Birth and Beyond, the Doula Duo believes every woman deserves personalized support tailored to their unique needs and desires. They are experienced and nurturing doulas committed to equipping you with the knowledge, resources, and emotional support necessary to empower you to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Their mission is to foster a positive birth experience, promote self-advocacy, and encourage bonding and connection within your growing family.

Meet your support team

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Kahla Jurney

Doula and Founder of Birth and Beyond

Kahla was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a wife and mother of three, one daughter and two sons, ages 13, 7, and 3. Kahla's own experience during the birth of her first child led her to discover her passion for supporting others on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. After a somewhat traumatic first birth experience, Kahla and her husband made the decision to hire a doula for their second child's birth. It was during this experience that Kahla recognized the profound impact a doula can have on the birthing process. Her newfound passion for empowering and supporting expectant mothers and families led her to become a doula herself in 2017. Kahla completed her Doula Training Course through DONA International. In the seven years since, Kahla has been a steadfast presence in the Jacksonville birth community serving families in hospital, home and birth center settings. She understands the profound, life long impact of childbirth experiences. Kahla has supported over 100 families as they brought new life into the world, with many more expectant mothers awaiting her support. Her heartfelt passion knows no bounds. Kahla is honored to be considered for your birth team and looks forward to the opportunity to meet you!

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Paige Dougherty

Doula, Chiropractor, childbirth educator

Paige is thrilled to support families on their unique journeys into parenthood as a doula. Her background and dedication are deeply rooted in the world of holistic care.

Before embarking on her path as a doula, Paige earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College, nestled in Port Orange, Florida. Her experiences there ignited a passion for perinatal and pediatric care, culminating in her attainment of Webster Certification and her ongoing pursuit of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant training.

Originally hailing from the quaint town of Dagsboro, Delaware, Paige's journey led her to the vibrant shores of Florida, where she achieved a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences at University of South Florida. It was during this time that Paige donated her eggs to three families navigating the challenging path of fertility. This extraordinary journey exposed Paige to the same rigorous medication and hormone regimens encountered by women undergoing IVF treatment, an experience that deeply resonated with her.

During these transformative moments, Paige discovered the profound healing power of acupuncture, which offered relief from the taxing effects of hormone injections. This discovery marked the genesis of her unwavering commitment to supporting women through fertility challenges and hormonal imbalances.

Learn more about Paige's mission to empower families during the transformative journey of childbirth by exploring her doula services. She brings her wealth of experience, heartfelt dedication, and a holistic approach to support you in creating a beautiful and empowering birthing experience.

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What to Expect From Your Doula

As your dedicated doula, I am fully committed to ensuring your satisfaction during your birth and immediate postpartum journey. Here's what you can anticipate from our partnership:

1. Personalized Guidance: I will work closely with you to alleviate fears and address concerns, creating a nurturing and supportive environment.

2. Aligning with Your Values: Together, we will identify your unique birth values, enabling you to confidently prepare for a birthing experience that aligns perfectly with your vision.

3. Informed Decision-Making: I'll empower you with comprehensive information on your options, discussing the benefits, risks, trade-offs, and alternatives so that you can make well-informed, confident choices.

4. Coping Strategies: We will plan and implement effective strategies to manage the challenges of labor, ensuring you feel well-prepared and supported.

5. Communication and Planning: I'll assist you in planning your birth and facilitate open, constructive discussions with your healthcare providers to ensure your preferences are respected.

6. Non-Judgmental Support: Your goals and desires will be respected without bias or judgment throughout our journey together.

7. Resource and Referrals: I'm here to provide valuable resources and referrals whenever you need them, helping you access the support and information you require.

8. Continuous Support: Expect unwavering emotional, informational, and physical support from me throughout your entire birth experience.

Your satisfaction and well-being are my top priorities as your doula. Together, we'll create a birthing experience that's truly empowering and unforgettable.

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Our Services

Birth Package


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  • Up to 3 prenatal visits
  • Up to 2 postnatal visits
  • On-call support starting 37 weeks until your baby is born
  • Guidance & support for you/your partner during labor & birth
  • Laboring physically with you at your home or hospital
  • Photos of birth and newborn if desired
  • The story of your birth as witnessed by the doula if desired

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Private Childbirth Education


Birthing Facilities and Providers

Trusted Hospital Providers

  • Delivers at Memorial Hospital Downtown
  • Has disposable birthing tubs

UF Health Women’s Specialists

  • Delivers at UF North
  • Has laboring tubs
  • Delivers at Baptist Beaches
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Trusted Birthing Centers/HomeBirth

  • Works directly with Full Circle Women’s Care providers
  • Beautiful Birthing Center

Prenatal Focused Chiropractors

  • Dr. Paige is one of our Doulas!
  • San Pablo Area- Next to Mayo
  • Bartam Park Area
  • Mandarin Area
  • Orange Park Area
  • Julington Creek Area
  • Fleming Island Area
  • Arlington Area

Birth Photographers

  • She took most of the photos from our website!
  • Birth Doula as well
  • Birth Doula as well
  • Maternity and family photographer
  • Maternity and family photographer

Postpartum/Lactation Support

Bold City Lactation

  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Postpartum Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Leader for La Leche League and Certified Lactation Counselor


  • Pediatric healthcare in the comfort of your own home
  • Ponte Vedra and San Pablo region
  • Jax Beach Region
  • Fruit Cove Region

Feedback from

Our Clients

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Kahla and I had a lot in common from the start. We both had a pretty traumatic and long birth with our first child that wasn’t medically necessary. As much as we both would never want to relive that experience, I truly believe that it happened for a reason and led Kahla to fulfill her purpose as a doula, and gave me the motivation to get through having a natural birth.

From the very beginning, Kahla would answer every question that I had and would constantly reach out to see how I was doing throughout my entire pregnancy. Any time she had something planned leading up to my birth, she would make sure she had her bag packed and made sure I would have a way to get ahold of her. She was at the hospital the moment that it was go time. I have told so many people, I have never met a more calm person in my entire life. Just her presence in the room alone made me feel at ease. She reassured, motivated, and encouraged me throughout the entire delivery. I truly had the most beautiful birth and it went smoother than I ever imagined it could be because of her. I am beyond thankful that I chose Kahla as my doula. I told her that I believe she was put on this earth to be a doula!! She also takes AMAZING pictures that you will forever cherish!!!

  • Katelyn
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Hiring Kahla is a no brainer. She was absolutely the reason my birth experience was so positive. As a first time Mom, I was shocked how little support the hospitals provide during labor but with the doula services, I was supported the entire time. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby and if you had her support, you’d never have another birth without it.

Originally, I had no idea was a doula was but quickly learned and figured it was worth trying but I am so incredibly thankful that I did because it made a world of difference.

Kahla has great relationship building and as a result was respected by the nurses which made for a comfortable experience. She also recommended other professionals and consultants when additional services were needed, everyone had great things to say and you can tell she’s highly regarded in the community.

A++ work - I can’t say enough great things about her service.


Servicing Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding counties

Photos on our page by Erin Heuser

Email: birthandbeyondjax.com

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